why us?

Slipcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is not in the business of building Chimney and Cooling Tower rather they are in the business of building relationships, relationship with its customers, facilitators, stake holders, people and society. We are the one who Motivated by the past, accelerated by the present. We are building future consistently and conscientiously. New projects are on the drawing board and ambitious ventures are on the anvil.

We have a team of expertise, involves technical knowledge and proficiency in a certain specialization field, such as engineering, computers, accounting and management. We have a team of managers who can interact effectively with people, interact and co-operate with employees. We are rich in highly skilled Engineers working with us from last many years who are the backbone of our company.


We believe in the protection of health and safety Environmental of employees and contractors of an employer & even other persons at or near a workplace under an employer’s control from hazards arising from plant, and machinery systems of work associated with plant.

Eliminating risks to health and safety by providing Safety measures such as Helmets, Safety Belts, Shoes, Nose Masks, Gloves etc..

Initiatives are taken for the Training and Development of the Employees as well as for the Labours too.

Initiatives are taken to identify the risks to health and safety; hazards associated with the use of plant at work or at a workplace and are assessed and controlled.

Always promote motivational plan under safety officer at work place.